About Us

We are a leading Ecuadorian banana export company with years of experience in producing

marketing, and exporting high-quality tropical fruits, including our renowned brands: Estelar, Solfruit and Bonanza.

In addition to our global market presence, we are committed to contributing to Ecuador’s economic growth by creating jobs, adhering to ethical labor practices, and protecting the environment. Our dedication extends beyond business to sustainable community and environmental responsibility.


Our mission is to deliver the highest quality bananas to our customers under our renowned brands: Estelar, Solfruit and Bonanza, all at fair prices and within agreed-upon delivery times. We are committed to responsible and safe practices, while also respecting all stakeholders involved in the process.


We aspire to become the gold standard for banana quality in our export operations and a shining example of responsibility in the care we provide. Our goal is to elevate our brand recognition and solidify our position as the foremost fruit exporter in the region.


In our journey of strategic and effective growth, we hold steadfast to the core values of honesty, dedication, and responsibility. These principles have not only shaped us into a respected and goal-oriented organization but have also stood the test of time, serving as the foundation of our enduring success.