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We are one of the most prestigious banana exporting companies in Ecuador, with many years of experience in the production, marketing and export of bananas and other high quality tropical fruits under the brands: Estelar, Solfruit, Banajon, Zorbanan.

We seek to meet part of the demand of the international fruit market, for this we have a department in charge of verifying the quality and each of the technical specifications requested by our customers, such as: weight, size and packaging.

We contribute every day to the economic development of our country, generating sources of employment, complying with good labor practices and protecting the environment.




Provide our customers with the best banana quality under our recognized brands: Estelar, Solfruit, Banajon, Zorbanan, Bonanza, Goodfarmer, at a fair price and with delivery in the agreed time in a responsible and safe way, also respecting all the sectors involved.



To be the benchmark model of quality for the bananas we export and of responsibility for the care we provide; We also want to enhance our brands and consolidate ourselves as the most important fruit exporter in the region.



To continue growing strategically and effectively, it is essential to continue transmitting values ​​such as: honesty, effort and responsibility; These principles have made us a model of a serious company with firm goals and purposes over time.